“Save Our Seas Hawaii programs are stimulating, academically sound, and effectively and efficiently organized.” – Dr. Brian Tissot, Professor Marine Biology

“Ocean Pulse” Marine Education Ocean Pulse is a comprehensive study of coral reefs and the marine environment that uses our ocean and beaches as living classrooms. “Ocean Pulse at Sea,” is a drug-free marine education program that teaches our youth how to utilize the same techniques as professional marine biologists on research boats. Ocean Pulse is the longest running marine education program of its kind in the nation!

“Ocean Pulse Education Programs will help coral reef communities better understand and ultimately conserve their island reefs.” – Dolphin Log / Cousteau Society

Pack Your Trash and Pack Your Butts – WORLDWIDE Anti-Litter Campaign

Educational Signage – “The reef is Alive”, “Pack Your Trash”, “Pack Your Butts” – Learn how to get a sign for your beach or business!

Eyes on the Reef – Presentations, outreach and community promotion –

Improving sustainable island and coastal management visions through improved environmental education programs and teacher trainings. Working with teachers and students for years to bring easy ways to care for the environment through hands-on activities and curriculum. We help educate teachers and students on sustainable principles related to the Hawaiian Ahupua’a.

Community Awareness about Marine Managed Areas. “Areas set aside from misuse today, will contribute to biodiversity and prosperity tomorrow.” Marine managed areas are necessary immediately with the help and guidance of community and Kupuna (wise elders).

SOS Hawaii “Clean Oceans Conference” The Mission of the SOS Hawaii Clean Oceans Conference is to create a model educational forum for the open exchange of ideas, to promote conservation of our oceans through community and corporate partnership, and to increase awareness through active participation in preserving our world’s greatest natural resource – our oceans.

SOS MEC (Sustainable Ocean Studies- Marine Education Center) Innovation and education. Technology and proactive hands on learning for all. Help us create a center of learning and research for the generation!  Innovative Aquaculture & Agriculture Production and Education, is a sustainable organic polyculture site (aquaculture/agriculture) incorporating fish farming, floriculture and native/indigenous plant production. Local Schools and non-profit organizations partner to produce goods that help sustain community awareness projects while educating our island residents about ways that they can make a difference. A percentage of funds raised go to support local non-profits and schools.

Valuable Research – For the past twenty years, Save Our Seas Hawaii has been conducting research in many aspects of marine conservation. In 1997, SOSH teamed up with Reef Check to conduct the first community based coral reef survey. Since then, Reef Check has become an internationally renowned institute. Other partnerships include the Cousteau Society, NOAA, University of Hawai’i Sea Grant Program, Surfrider Foundation, Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale Sanctuary and many more. SOS is currently monitoring many reef systems around the island, conducting fish turtle, and humpback whale counts, taking water quality samples, and researching monk seals and marine mammals. The data collected has proven to be extremely valuable.

Beach Clean Ups– coastal cleanups have been a success for many years. SOS coordinated the Ocean Conservancy’s International Cleanup For Kaua’i for a decade. Get Involved! Students and community members have come together to clean many of the beaches and coastlines around Hawai’i. SOS works to A’ole ‘Opala, (Pack Your Trash) for present and future generations.

Community Volunteer Programs  It’s time to roll up our sleeves (or put on a wetsuit) and get to work. We partner with community groups to make a difference.

SOS Open Ocean Recycling Program Setting examples for yacht races around the World. Transpac Racing and much more!


2 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Aloha! We are ten middle school students and one teacher on Oahu who have formed a group called Impact Zone. Our “driving question” is, “How can surfers make a positive impact on coastal communities and help preserve our ocean environment?”
    We are interested in taking a service trip to Kauai to volunteer with your group, also maybe go to a school and explain what we are doing to other middle school kids. We have heard about water testing and net/trash clean ups, we are interested in helping with that, but we can do anything! Right now we are “recycling boards” by doing ding repair and getting ready to do beach clean ups here, too. If we come to Kauai, what could we do for you? We want to learn about biodiesel, too. Do you know about any grants that we could apply to to help us travel to Kauai? Thank you!

    • Adopt your surf spots – demand they are kept clean. See about getting Reef Check and the Eyes of the Reef involved over there.
      Kauai has its challenges but Oahu is our most impacted island with all the people there… Oahu needs help too – you may want to keep it local… then again we always like to see students traveling and getting involved…
      Biodiesel is great stuff – look towards King Biodiesel on Maui great info there and they are community sponsors for events.
      Maybe reach out to UH and see where the trash from the Tsunami may land then get prepared to take action when it gets here…

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