Kukui’ula, Lawai, Koloa

Please Respect local fisherman and do not damage the coral reefs on which they survive!

Mahalo to the many organizations and agencies

that make this information possible!

Lawai Bay is the perfect spot for a Marine Protected Area.

Get involved in making this a reality!

Lawai Valley is home to the National Tropical Botanical Garden (NTBG) Headquarters and the McBryde & Allerton Gardens. At the base of this valley lies the naturally protected Bay of Lawai Kai. Endangered monk seals and green sea turtles can be found resting on shore and in the tranquil water. This naturally protected area is very close to the highly popular areas of Poipu, Koloa Landing, Kukui’ula dCASevelopment, and Lawai Beach Resort (Beach House).

Coral Reefs Must Be Protected and Sustainable Solutions exist! Businesses and Developers can now work together with the community to ensure care of native resources. Our Friends at Kukui’ula Resort, Kaua’i’s Living Garden, imagine a new Kaua’i community helping to protect open space, the ocean, archeological sites, biological preserves and dramatic landforms. A vision of Sustainable development practices that can lead to great things for this unique highly diverse coastal habitat.

The Living Garden and The Living Reef

Imagine unique Community Partnerships where awareness of natural resources is a necessary way of life to keep Kauai’s Living Garden and Living Reef healthy for our families!

The goal of Hawaii’s Living Reef program is to raise public awareness of the importance and interconnectedness of the coral reef ecosystem to Hawaii’s lifestyle and to teach and encourage positive behaviors that will protect and nurture this life-giving natural resource.

Science For Any Occasion:


Algae: http://www.botany.hawaii.edu/GradStud/smith/CRAMP/Team-Kauai-Quant.htm

Ho’ai 2000 http://www.nodc.noaa.gov/archive/arc0001/0000961/01-version/data/0-data/exabyte2/cd23/

Ho’ai 99 http://www.nodc.noaa.gov/archive/arc0001/0000671/01-version/data/0-data/data/cd22/

Hawaii Coastal Erosion Website Shoreline Study of Oahu, Maui, and Kauai http://www.soest.hawaii.edu/coasts/publications/hawaiiCoastline/kauai.html

The following are potential locations for benthic monitoring transects in the adjacent area of the Kukui’ula development. These locations account for potential runoff from the proposed golf location bordering the coastline as well as major commercial development inland from the coast.

Transect locations:

•East side of Lawai Bay (follow coastline) – 14th hole run off

•West of Spouting Horn – 15th hole run off: down current where pollution would accumulate in the benthic sediment and reefs.

•East of Kukui’ula Small Boat Harbor, where road runs along coast – South of proposed “Plantation House” community centerpiece; it has an existing drainage ditch to divert the flow of runoff toward Kukui’ula Bay (small boat harbor). Just outside of the bay in the direction of the current.

•Cross section of bay and around Nahumaalo Pt., where Waikomo Stream meets bay – South of proposed “Kukui’ula Village” shopping center (can access from Hoonani Rd. at Koloa Boat Canoe Landing)
Kukui’ula is a Hawaiian word meaning “red light” (source). The anglicized version (Kukuiula) is the name of a land area, a bay, and a park on the island of Kaua’i, Hawai’i. The State of Hawaii operates a small boat harbor on Kaua’i also using the name Kukui’ula (source). The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recognizes Kukui’ula as the name of the habitat of the endangered Kaua‘i Cave Arthropods Adelocosa anops(Kaua‘i Cave Wolf Spider), and Spelaeorchestia koloana (Kaua‘i Cave Amphipod). (source1)(source2)(source3).  In Hawaiian mythology, Kukui’ula was the demon-wife of Waiolola who lived near Kipahulu on Maui, Hawaii. From the mythology comes the names Kukui’ula Gulch and Kukui’ula Stream on the island of Maui. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also has a rainfall gauge on Kaua’i by that name. Furthermore,  Kukui’ula is also the name of a public street near Koko Head on the island of Oahu, Hawaii (source).

The Coral Reef is found at the Genesis of the Hawaiian Creation Chant!

“Hanau Ka ‘Uku-ko’ako’a, Hanau Kana, he Ako’ako’a, puka.”

“Born the coral polyp, born of him a coral colony emerged.”

From Kumulipo The Hawaiian Chant of Creation

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