World Oceans Day

Aloha Everyone,

Friday June 8th is World Oceans Day! 
In celebration and to further our efforts as volunteers to preserve, sustain and restore our valuable coral
reef ecosystem here on Kauai, Malama Na Apapa and Save Our Seas will be
performing a reef survey.  The reef survey will be held on World Ocean’s Day, Friday June 8th at Pu’u Poa Beach(the beach in front of the St. Regis Princeville Hotel) from 9am to 12noon.
Everyone is welcome to attend the reef survey.  If you do not want to get
in the water you can participate in the shoreline clean up on the beach
while the others are in the water doing the reef survey by snorkel or

In order to participate in the reef survey you will need to complete the
Eyes on the Reef Training and/or the Reef Check Training classes.

The Reef Check training class will be held on Wednesday June 5th from 4pm
-7pm at the Anahola club house.  I will be conducting the Reef Check
training.  Please see the attached Reef Check flyer for more details.

The Eyes on the Reef Training class will be held on Thursday June 7th from
4pm – 6pm at the St. Regis Princeville Hotel.  Captain Paul Clark,
President of Save Our Seas will be conducting this training. 

Please RSVP with Scott if you plan to attend either of these training
classes. 808-482-0683

Mahalo and I look forward to diving with you!
Scott Bacon
Director Malama Na Apapa

2 thoughts on “World Oceans Day

  1. Oh, how I wish I still lived in Hawaii… Although, Bellingham, Washington up here is a costal city, so I suppose I can expand my trash pick up to the beaches on the 8th. Why stop there right? My dad would go for walks and take two empty trash bags w/ him, one for recycling and one for trash. So instead of looking at the trash as he walked by, he would bend down and pick it up. Odds were if he didn’t pick up on his daily walks, no one else would, and what is a few moments of our day to better the world we live in? 🙂

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