Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (DSCC)

The DSCC exists and is doing something important!

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For the first time ever, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) will conduct an open review of national and regional actions to protect deep-sea species and ecosystems beyond national jurisdiction from the harmful impacts of bottom fishing. Two resolutions calling for urgent action were agreed at the United Nations in 2006 and again in 2009 as part of a compromise following global concern over the destructive impacts of bottom fishing on the high seas.   This review is scheduled to take place at UN  headquarters in New York September 15-16, 2011

The 2011 UNGA review comes two years after an initial review in 2009 and will specifically assess the extent to which the two abovementioned UNGA resolutions have been implemented by high seas fishing States and regional fisheries management organizations with a view to making further recommendations for action.  High seas bottom fishing States include, among others, Australia, China, France, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, the Russian Federation and South Korea.  This review therefore represents an accounting by high seas bottom fishing States to the global community of how well they have lived up to their agreed obligations to protect and conserve vulnerable deep-sea marine habitats  and ecosystems.

The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (DSCC) has engaged with world renowned scientists and our partner organizations to assess compliance with the UNGA resolutions on high seas bottom fishing. This assessment is contained in reports that will be released at the 2011 UN review.  Based on this assessment, the DSCC has concluded that high seas fishing States are, with few exceptions, failing to live up to the provisions of UNGA resolutions 61/105 and 64/72.  As a result, deep-sea species are increasingly overexploited and VMEs continue to be significantly damaged.

The DSCC therefore urges the General Assembly to call for:

  1. The immediate cessation of high seas bottom fishing except where  conservation measures consistent with UNGA resolutions 61/105 and 64/72, and any subsequent UNGA resolutions, are in force and have been effectively and fully implemented;
  2. The protection of all VMEs as identified in paragraph 42 of the FAO Guidelines on Deep Sea Fisheries, including long-lived fish species, spawning areas on the high seas and unique habitats such as seamounts and canyons; and,
  3. The designation of high seas bottom fishing as IUU fishing when it is conducted in contravention of international instruments, including UNGA resolutions 61/105 and 64/72, regional measures, such as UNGA compliant conservation and management measures adopted by regional fisheries management organizations, or UNGA compliant national rules.

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