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Snapshots in oceanic time!

HDV monitoring with QUEST, REEF, and Reef Check = OCEAN PULSE.



InvertsOP invert DATA SHEETS

Hawaiian Invertebrates Part 1Hawaiian Invertebrates Part 2Hawaiian Names of Marine Invertebrates (Bishop Museum)Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk Project (HEAR), DLNR Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Management Plan (PDF file, approx. 2.6 MB)

Substrate: OP invert DATA SHEETS

Ciguatera: Ciguatera Poisoning Information sheet

Due to Popular demand, here it is…the A’more (moray) song for you.

There’s a fish on the reef, with big shiny white teeth – it’s a Moray

If he’s big and he’s mean, and he’s slimy and green – it’s a Moray

Put your hand in the crack and you won’t get it back – It’s a Moray

When an eel bites your hand, And that’s not what you planned, That’s a moray.

When you’re movin’ your hands, best take care where they land – Watch for Morays

When some teeth catch your eye. and an eel wriggles by – It’s a Moray

When an eel bites your thigh and you just want to cry…that’s a moray.

When something, bites your fin, and throws off your trim – It’s a Moray

Keep your fingers in tight and you won’t have a fright – It’s a Moray

When you’re moving by feel and then up pops the eel – It’s a Moray

When an eel bites your thigh, as you’re just swimming by – It’s a Moray

When you scream, and you beg, but it still bites your leg – It’s a Moray

Watch you don’t get a shark, When you search, after dark – for amore

When you’re out of your depth, and you run short of breath – that’s amore air

When he’s fanning his gills, Better head for the hills – It’s a Moray

When your light, in the night, gets swallowed out of sight, – It’s a Moray

When you’re down and it’s dark, Over there – that a shark?, No – It’s a Moray

When your boat comes home fine, And you tie up her line – That’s a moor, eh?

When your horse munches straw, And the bales total four, That’s some more hay.

When Othello’s poor wife, Becomes stabbed with a knife, That’s a Moor, eh?

When you ace your last tests, Like you did all the rest, That’s some more “A”s!

A comedian ham, With the name Amsterdam, That’s a Morey.

When your chocolate graham, Is with marshmallows crammed, That s’more, eh.

When you’ve had quite enough, Of this daft rhyming stuff, that’s “no more!”, eh?

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