Save Our Seas Hawai’i.  We specialize in implementing experiential hands-on education and research to preserve, protect, and restore the world’s oceans for future generations.

Scientifically Proven & Culturally Acceptable SOLUTIONS DO EXIST !

Pack Your Butts and Pack Your Trash:  A Worldwide Anti-Litter and Anti-Cigarette Butt Campaign

“Environmentalism is about saving our communities. It is about the power of the community asserting itself on these environmental issues that will directly affect our future generations.”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., SOS Clean Oceans Conference 1997



What we are doing right now:  Video Reef monitoring, Marine Education in Public and Private Schools, Pollution Awareness:  Pack Your Trash & Pack Your Butts


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48 thoughts on “ALOHA

  1. Hey,
    I’d just like to say thanks to everyone who put together this website, It’s just such a great idea I would love do do something like the ocean pulse project. I’m doing an assesment on ocean pollution and came across your website it’s just great.
    Thanks Kate

    SOS: Aloha Kate, Let us know if you have a specific questions on pollution. We are always updating or site.
    Mahalo; SOS TEAM

    • Question: so how should we deal with pollution in a small lake were thier are lots of crabs and small fish

      SOS – try and identify the pollutions sources and ask them to stop…get the press involved, do some shoreline cleanups…

      • I suggest that after identifying source of pollution, quantify it effects through some research this will answer different questions inclunding how much toxic does that pollution account, is it lethal or not at what scale?. conduct biomornitoring in the lake to assess species composition. then finaly law enforcement should be applied .

  2. i would just like to say you are a wonderful site and great people. i want to do somthing like this but i need ideas so could you help please give me ideas i want to do something like this in canada. i want to help the dolphanes
    thanks for careing ireland

    SOS: Aloha Ireland, all waterways lead to the sea. Get your school or community involved in caring for waterways. Every bit helps.

  3. Aloha!
    I live in London and I want to raise awareness of shark finning and mass dolphin slaughter. Do you know of any English organisations I could contact?
    I want to do some school talks but need literature. Any thoughts/suggestions?

    Many thanks

  4. I hope all is well in paradise. Keep up your good work. Most people do not understand the importance of a balanced eco-system. Friendly farmers in Iowa don’t understand how sharks in Hawaii affect them. All part of an inextricably delicate system. Mother Earth.Best_Chris’ .. SB. Ca.

    Definition of INEXTRICABLE
    1: forming a maze or tangle from which it is impossible to get free
    2a : incapable of being disentangled or untied
    b : not capable of being solved
    — in·ex·tri·ca·bil·i·ty noun
    — in·ex·tri·ca·bly adverb

  5. Let me know if you can use some of my books……….check out Who Lives in the Coral Reef……….last page is like your poster! Please don’t touch corals! gotta help keiki learn more about life close to shore, but also have fun doing fun stuff with ocean debris they collect at the beach. See for some fun ways of fusing plastics to make fish and more!

    aloha nui loa, ron hirschi

  6. hola: es la primera vez que entro en ésta página. Mi interes se a producido después de ver un programa en televisión española (la 2) sobre las tortugas bobas. Y me a gustado tanto que me gustaría conseguirlo, para enseñarlo, tenerlo como medio de expresión de una educación para adultos y niños. ¿Es precioso! por favor, me gustaría saber como lo puedo conseguir.
    Reciban un cordial saludo.

    Jesús Orlando

  7. Aloha! I have created a group on a website called (a fashion and social networking site for teens) to raise awareness about what we can do to save our seas – any suggestions or topics in particular in which I should emphasise to give young people such as myself a better understanding of what is happening to the sea and what they can do to help?

  8. Hi my name is crystal Knowles. I’m contacting you asking for information about membership, goals and anything else you would like to send me. Im doing a class project and would love some information. Thanks so much.

    • There are so many levels to this question – unfortunately it depends on your resources and $ in a big way…
      The first part is asking the question – good job!
      The second part is looking at what you want to see helped…
      then look around where you live and your community for projects and get your friends, family, and community involved!
      A good example of this could be a beach cleanup – then get the press down there, take pictures, publicize and urge people not to throw rubbish out like cigarette butts!

  9. Why did you choose this?
    What do you do?
    Do you see problems?
    Do you see problems in other organizations?
    What are your challenges?
    What keeps you going?

    • When I first visited Kauai, and first met Paul and many of the wonderful founders & characters of SOS’ it was at Hanalei. My first time to Hawaii, and I should meet such wonderful people. I live in Santa Barbara Cali. Michael Cousteau makes his home here, I lived on my sailboat, so found it soo’ interesting. So just saying hi guys’ .. We found a personal connection. My connection with video & documentation, and all you guys with your love and care for everything, the ocean, environment, culture and most of all the kids, and education. Best_Chris’

    • Why did you choose this? The ocean gives us life – by saving our seas we are saving humans
      What do you do? – we primarily teach kids and community members about local ocean concerns
      Do you see problems? – YES
      Do you see problems in other organizations? – It takes a big team to help anyone doing good is doing good.
      What are your challenges? – funding and political hurldels
      What keeps you going? – knowing our kids will inherit what we leave

  10. Hi Save our seas, I’m doing a political action project in my class. Me and a friend chose beach pollution as our topic and want to help spread the word around our community about the current condition of our oceans. Do you have any statistics I can use? Or other info I can use to convince people of the importance of our cause. I was also wondering if you do public speeches at schools. If you do how would I set that up? Also, we welcome any advertisements that you’d want to send our way to help promote your organization, such as informational fliers, posters, or stickers. Thanks.

    • I think this is a great idea. Most people have no idea just how important the worlds oceans are to our very survival. I saw an interesting news article about the great garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean. I saw an over flight of the patch, it stretched as far as the eye could see’
      .. The ocean currents have certain patterns, and garbage accumulates in certain parts of the oceans. The great Garbage Patch is so big, no one knows just how large it is. I know from my visit to Lanai, there was a particular area on Shipwreck Beach where the currents tended to deposit most debris. Perhaps researching & developing an understanding of ocean currents and the most likely areas of deposited debris, will assist in focussing attention on specific areas most likely to accumulate. .. ‘Keep up the great work’ our very survival may well depend upon it.

      • Yes, Hi. I am in Santa Barbara Cali. Some things are quite self evident. Such as tidal currents, Lunar events. Such as the moon having gravitational effects. Farmers in the midwest planted & harvested by Lunar calender. We have a most incredible world here. We must just learn how to listen & hear. I am most fascinated by Hawaii culture .. Keep up the great work. Best_ ‘Chris’

  11. Hi, I live in Davis, California. I’ve been in US for 5 months. Yesterday I saw the movie: ‘Turtle – the Incredible Journey’..I’m really moved, can’t stop thinking about that. I would like to make a difference. In what way I could help? Is possible that I could participate in any projects, work as volontier? Best, Natalia

    • It is amazing! Of course you can volunteer .. SOS_Hawaii has such diversity, but California is also in need. Michael Cousteau is here in Santa Barbara: Ocean Futures Society
      325 Chapala St.
      Santa Barbara, CA 93101

      I believe there are so many ways to participate .. Just make the most of your effort. Best_Chris’

  12. Being part of our career as a seafarers, the great oceans are now our new home & we are doing our efforts in dealing with the problem of marine pollution.
    Our contribution to save marine life is to implement Maritime Pollution regulation 73/78 strictly on-board our vessels..

  13. This is of course the most fascinating subject. We protect our oceans. Such a delicate ecosystem. While others send Supertankers with oil and Nuclear ships in the gulf. We live in a very delicate time. ‘To Be or Not to Be’ .. ‘Shakspeare’ .. What happens in the middle East will affect the entire world. There must come a time to stop this madness. It will take a firm hand.

  14. i live in a small town i have recently moved but i still notce the pollotion in a nere by creek and the ocean. also i wound like to sart a web site could you explane to me how. i think to hand out fliers at school would donate and help raise money and awarness please replay.

  15. Is there a presentative in Durban South Africa that I could speak to directly [ face to face ] I have an idea that would _provide a fulltime income in the millions for Save our Seas Charity [in conjunction with The Endangered Animal Charities } and employ several thousand people ?
    msg from Steve

    • Yes that information was released the other day ..

      I find it totally amazing and disgusting, but that is our reality’ ..
      As I mentioned I did some research on BPA awhile back.

      But is as clear as the nose on my face, GOV. agencies like the FDA.
      are in the pockets
      of MultiNational Corporations’ ..

      Most research organizations will not do any research related to BPA.
      Like Universities etc.
      Their funding will be cut off., immediately.
      Much like Stanford, MIT. and their relationships to Lawrence Livermore
      Labs, advanced Nuclear research and design.

      BPA. is such big business, because it involves most MultiNational
      Corporations in the world.
      It could actually be in the ‘Trillion Dollars’, not Billions.

      If it was determined that BPA. exposure was as harmful as some of understand.
      The lawsuits for so many illness’s, and deaths would be incalculable ..
      It would decimate many large Corporations, and bring down Insurance Co.’s ..
      Just to mention a few.

      Some excecutives, and GOV. angency’s would stand trial for complicity
      and mass murder .. Much like War Crimes.
      So you can see just how big this is.
      I imagine the Owners and Directors of large chemical Corps. Like
      Dupont, Montsanto etc.
      are scared to death.

      “Polymers and plastics, especially polyethylene, polypropylene,
      polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene terephthalate, polystyrene and
      polycarbonate comprise about 80% of the industry’s output
      worldwide.[citation needed] Chemicals are used to make a wide variety
      of consumer goods, as well as thousands inputs to agriculture,
      manufacturing, construction, and service industries. The chemical
      industry itself consumes 26 percent of its own output.[citation
      needed] Major industrial customers include rubber and plastic
      products, textiles, apparel, petroleum refining, pulp and paper, and
      primary metals. Chemicals is nearly a $3 trillion global enterprise,
      and the EU and U.S. chemical companies are the world’s largest

      As I mentioned previously, BPA. is a highly toxic bi/product of oil production.
      What better way to dispose of it .. Sell it”

      I also talked about the astronomical rise in Autistic children.
      I firmly believe it is related to BPA.
      Many honest scientists and researchers have confirmed this.

      The most immediate effects of BPA. are apparent in Fetus’s, and babies.
      Brain disorders, neurological damage etc.
      As they are in process of development, their hormones, chromasomes
      have yet to evolve.
      It is possible BPA. may actually alter a fetus DNA.

      The implications here are so profound .. BPA. may actually be altering
      human DNA.

      I hope you find the time to read this, and think about it.

  16. We would like to thank Mary Lou of SOS for her help today! She came in a timely manner to assist in saving a beautiful albatross we had found hit by a car on the side of the road. She knew how to handle the bird appropirately and did an excellent job counseling those of us who were worked up by the whole expirence. Mahalo Mary Lou & SOS!

    • That is so cool. I remember years ago, I was flying my hang glider, when California released the only 6 remaining Condors. They flew by my wing. Imagine only 6 remain from an entire species’ ..

  17. We are an new not-for-profit social enterprise based in Cambridge, UK, and we are looking to work to create a stronger network within wildlife conservation.

    Our aim is to provide advice and support to organisations that could benefit from the intellectual resources available in Cambridge.

    We hold bi-weekly events, during which we bring together a range of academics and professionals involved in wildlife conservation, and collaborate on solving problems faced by other organisations in the field.

    I wanted to see if your organisation might benefit from our work, and if you’d be interested in sharing a few problems faced by your teams that we might be able to collaborate on?

    If you consider this as a potential opportunity, or know of an organisation that might, please do get in contact or forward on our details.

    Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

    Kind regards,

    John Harper
    Managing Director
    BlueSkies collaboration

  18. hello, this looks like really interesting and great work that you guys are doing.
    i came across you in a search for possible allies, and am only posting here, because i can’t find an interface to message you privately, i hope no offense is taken by me listing our cause here.Here is our indiegogo campaign. With this new story we continue to add our puppet activism to the already powerful voice opposing tanker traffic in our waters.
    Specifically they want to increase the number of vlcc’s in our water by over 300 a year.
    These monsters, carrying diluted bitumen, will always be either coming and going.
    We Haida are a wealthy people, not rich but, we are able to live off the bounty of the sea. Pick seaweed and k’aaw in the spring, fish the rivers and sea through the summer, cockles and scallops come with the winter storms. So you can see that the prospect of increased tanker traffic in our waters is of real concern to us.
    Those tankers don’t just represent the dramatic threat of spills. New species that can devastate a sensitive ecosystem can piggy back in their bilge as they traverse the planet, and there is the steady trickle of pollution, dribbles from what they carry, but also just the grease and fuel that keeps their machinery going day to day. A threat to sea life as their massive hulls will be navigating the narrow channel up to the transfer station. And a risk of collision with large mammals, especially whales.
    Haida take our role as stewards of the land seriously. This proposal is a threat to our way of life, let alone the lives of the other creatures that we share these waters with.
    The new story in Haida Raid 3 is the battle against tankers. It will also carry a message of unity. There have been some discouraging developments in our battle, but there is a solid wall of opposition all along the coast. Through the lighter nature of this puppet activism we hope to draw attention and good will from further afield than those directly threatened by this project, as well as bolster the spirits of those of us who are. And share a little information while we are at it.

    This is our previous animations. In Haida Raid 2 we deal with the threat of pipelines.


    Lori Miller
    Prosperity For Humanity


    Kaua’i to Produce 3D IMAX Feature Film to Help Save the Coral Reefs

    Dean Lyon, Visual Effects Supervisor for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, will Skype-in via video call to Lydgate Park this Tuesday night. “Through the wonders of technology,” said Lyon. “I have been touched by the community of Kaua’i, and I am excited about the opportunity to collaborate and share a positive and insightful, visually compelling story about the state and purpose of our sacred coral reefs to the entire planet.” During Tuesday’s forum, Lyon will be discussing his vision for helping to bring this important message to the world through the eyes of nā keiki, and the wisdoms of Hawaiian people.

    “We are thrilled that Dean has offered to Captain this journey,” said Lori Miller, who has been developing this project with other Kaua’i residents through Prosperity For Humanity. “As with all voyages, we need many to participate on this adventure. This is a grass roots effort that is driven by the people, and designed to provide opportunities for those who wish to participate.”

    Kaua’i consultants Nā Hōkū Welo will help navigate this Mission through their knowledge of Hawaiian culture, history, language, ʻāina-based genealogy, education and multimedia. Nā Hōkū Welo and the High Tech Youth Network are currently co-collaborating on several Kaua’i projects, including a holographic Moku exhibit for the Kaua’i Museum. Additional guidance will come through a Native Hawaiian Board of Advisors.

    The funding for the feature film documentary will be raised through angel donors and worldwide crowd funding sources. Donations for this non-profit documentary will be made through the Kaua’i Museum, who will manage the funds through a transparent process. All proceeds for this film will benefit programs focused on remediation, restoration and sustainability.

    Prosperity For Humanity, a Kaua’i organization, is coordinating this pot-luck, family friendly event that will be held at the Lydgate Park pavilion on Tuesday, July 29th, 6:30-8:00 p.m. Danny Hashimoto will emcee this forum, and Dean Lyon will take questions from the audience. For more information contact:


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